Mercedes-Benz announces global high-power EV charging network

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz has announced ambitious plans to launch a global high-power charging network in key markets around the world, starting with North America. The network, which is set to roll out this year in the US and Canada, will eventually expand to Europe and China, with the goal of having the full network in place before the end of the decade. This move is part of Mercedes-Benz’s larger plan to go all-electric wherever market conditions allow.

The charging network will be located in key cities and urban centers, close to major arteries and convenient retail and service destinations, including participating Mercedes-Benz dealership sites. It will provide a premium, sustainable, and reliable charging experience for Mercedes-Benz customers, who will have preferential access via a reservation function and other benefits. However, the network will also be open to drivers of other brands with compatible technology, as Mercedes-Benz aims to drive global adoption of electric mobility.

Mercedes-Benz charging hubs will be located in urban population centres. Β© Mercedes-Benz

The company has partnered with MN8 Energy, a leading renewable energy and battery storage owner-operator in the US, and ChargePoint, a specialist in charging network design and provision, for the rollout of the network in North America. By 2027, a network totaling more than 400 hubs with over 2,500 high-power chargers is planned for the region.

This move by Mercedes-Benz is an important step towards a greener, all-electric future. By providing a convenient and reliable charging network, the company aims to enhance the usability and convenience of its electric vehicles, differentiate the Mercedes-Benz ownership experience, and accelerate the transition to electric mobility. The focus on renewable energy and green charging through the Mercedes me Charge program also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable operation.

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