First E-Methanol Powered Offshore Wind Vessel to Start Service in 2024

The Global leaders in offshore wind, Ørsted, and ESVAGT, renowned for their marine services, have taken a big leap forward towards a greener maritime industry. Building on the success of their initial 2022 agreement, the companies have decided to double down on their commitment to cut carbon emissions from the offshore wind supply chain by introducing a sister vessel to the world’s first methanol-powered Service Operation Vessel. Set to sail in 2026, this new vessel will operate from Ørsted’s UK East Coast Hub for the next decade.

Fueled by dual engines capable of running on renewable e-methanol, this second vessel illustrates the companies’ dedication to embracing green alternatives to fossil fuels. The e-methanol will be sourced from renewable energy and biogenic carbon, thus slashing yearly carbon emissions by an estimated 4,500 tonnes.

Ørsted, already a pioneer in green maritime fuels, has made Europe’s most significant investment in a renewable e-methanol facility, FlagshipONE in Sweden. This facility is expected to supply the methanol required for both SOVs. The burgeoning orders for methanol-powered vessels by other maritime companies underscore a rapid materialization of demand for green fuels.

In the grand scheme of emissions, offshore wind farms boast a 99% reduction compared to coal-fired power stations throughout the asset’s lifespan. As Ørsted strives to achieve carbon-neutrality in its energy generation and own operations by 2025, green-fuel vessels also represents a significant stride towards their science-based target of net-zero emissions across their entire value chain by 2040.

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