Portugal’s Renewable Revolution: Over Half of Electricity Sourced from Wind and Solar

Portugal has achieved a historic renewable energy milestone by surpassing a significant threshold: in April, more than 50% of the country’s electricity was generated from wind and solar sources, surpassing the previous record of 49%. This remarkable achievement, revealed by energy think tank Ember, underscores Portugal’s commitment to clean energy and sets an inspiring example for other nations. Despite modest wind generation, the expansion of solar capacity played a pivotal role, with solar generation reaching an all-time high of 360 GWh.

The remarkable success of wind and solar power in Portugal showcases the nation’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. By phasing out coal in 2021 with the aid of wind power and interconnection, Portugal has proven its determination to embrace sustainable energy sources. The growing dominance of solar energy is further propelling the country’s transition by displacing gas from the grid. Portugal’s achievements serve as a blueprint for other countries, demonstrating that a future powered by clean energy is not only possible but also economically and environmentally advantageous.

Portugal’s groundbreaking accomplishment is not an isolated event. Across Europe, other nations are also making significant strides in wind and solar energy. Spain, Portugal’s neighboring country, experienced record-breaking levels of solar generation in April, contributing to a combined wind and solar production of 46% of its electricity. When considering electricity imports, Portugal and Spain jointly met nearly half of their electricity demand through wind and solar sources. This collaborative effort signifies the shared commitment of the Iberian Peninsula to a greener and more sustainable future.

The positive trend extends beyond the Iberian Peninsula, with several European countries achieving new heights in wind and solar generation. Sweden, for instance, reached an all-time high of 27% in February, while Finland achieved an impressive 29% of electricity generation from renewable sources in April. Belgium also experienced a notable surge in wind and solar generation, accounting for 29% of its electricity production. These achievements highlight the collective momentum toward renewable energy adoption across Europe, as nations strive to reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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