Solar power takes center stage in the EU: Record-breaking 41.4 GW added in 2022


According to a new report from SolarPower Europe, the European Union (EU) saw a significant increase in solar power installations in 2022, with 41.4 GW added – a 47% increase from the 28.1 GW installed in 2021. This growth has contributed to the total EU solar power generation fleet increasing by 25% to 208.9 GW, up from 167.5 GW in 2021. The 41.4 GW of solar power added in 2022 is enough to power the equivalent of 12.4 million European homes and is the equivalent of 4.45 bcm of gas or 102 LNG tankers.

Added solar capacity by country in GW. © SolarPower Europe

Germany continues to lead the way in solar power installations among EU countries, with 7.9 GW added in 2022, followed by Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, and France. SolarPower Europe predicts that an additional 53.6 GW of solar power will be installed in the EU in 2023, with the EU solar market more than doubling and reaching 484 GW by 2026.

The International Energy Agency has recommended that the EU install around 60 GW of solar power in 2023 to compensate for shortfalls in Russian gas supply. With targeted support, solar power could potentially reach up to 67.8 GW of installations in 2023. To achieve this, SolarPower Europe advises addressing barriers such as a lack of electricians and stable electricity market regulation, as well as streamlining administrative processes and improving grid connections and supply chains. There are currently ten EU countries adding at least 1 GW of solar power per year.

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