1KOMMA5° Expands in Spanish Renewable Market with Experta Solar Acquisition

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1KOMMA5°, the pioneer in carbon-neutral energy systems, is making waves in Spain by acquiring Experta Solar, a leading player in the solar and energy systems sector based in Barcelona. This strategic move not only establishes 1KOMMA5° as a strong presence in Spain but also introduces the innovative Heartbeat energy management system to the country.

Germany’s newest energy unicorn 1KOMMA5° is poised for remarkable growth, anticipating a group-wide revenue of at least 500 million EUR for 2023. Their ambitious goal is to become a European market leader by 2030, with an annual revenue target of 10 billion EUR and the capacity to transform 500,000 buildings into carbon-neutral energy sources annually. Currently operating in over 65 locations across Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Denmark, and Australia, 1KOMMA5°’s entry into Spain marks its third market venture in 2023 and its presence in the seventh country.

Spain offers immense potential for renewable energy, with plans to achieve 19 gigawatts of solar power capacity by 2030, a significant leap from the current 6 gigawatts. To make this transition even more impactful, 1KOMMA5° will introduce its innovative Heartbeat energy management system to Spanish households. Heartbeat connects various energy components, allowing customers to optimize their energy consumption, sell surplus energy, and reduce operational costs, particularly benefiting from Spain’s geographical advantage of abundant sunlight.

With a solid foundation in various countries across Europe, 1KOMMA5° along with its new partner in Spain, is poised to become a market leader in Spain and southern Europe. This expansion, along with plans to open new locations in key Spanish cities, marks a significant step not only for 1KOMMA5° but for the entire Spanish renewable energy market as well.

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