Philipp Schröder and 1KOMMA5° are Leading a Renewable Energy Revolution

Philipp Schröder, a former Tesla manager and Sonnen managing director, is making waves in the renewable energy sector as the CEO of the trailblazing solar and cleantech startup 1KOMMA5°. With his distinct blend of visionary leadership and seasoned expertise in the industry, Schröder is spearheading the charge towards a carbon-neutral future for Europe.

Schröder’s impressive journey into cleantech began with a childhood spent on an organic farm in Northern Germany, which likely sparked his dedication to sustainable living and environmental preservation. His early career was marked by stints at globally renowned cleantech companies, Tesla and Sonnen. As Tesla’s Country Director for Germany & Austria, Schröder played a crucial role in bolstering the company’s presence and growth across Europe. At Sonnen, he served as the Managing Director, contributing to the company’s rise as a leading provider of solar energy storage systems.

His experience at Tesla and Sonnen served as the springboard for his next ambitious endeavor, 1KOMMA5°. Co-founded by Schröder in 2021, 1KOMMA5° is an ambitious startup with a vision rooted in the Paris climate change summit’s goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

1KOMMA5° is determined to enable households to transition to renewable energy sources, aiming to liberate European homes from the shackles of fossil fuel dependency. The company’s principal offering are solar panel systems and a CO2-neutral energy management system, Heartbeat, which manages hardware components like heat pumps and charging stations using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Schröder’s vision for 1KOMMA5° extends beyond just energy management; he aspires to create a world where everyone can live free of charge from wind and sun.

Schröder’s leadership and the revolutionary idea behind 1KOMMA5° quickly garnered attention from significant investors. Under his guidance, the company closed the largest CleanTech Series A in Europe in 2022 and reached “unicorn” status within just two years, with a valuation of over USD 1 billion. It raised a total of €430 million in equity and reinvestment options, which will fuel its plans for rapid growth, team expansion, and technology development.

1KOMMA5° is not just investing in its own growth but also in a sustainable future for all. With Schröder at the helm, the company is set on expanding its international business and acquiring other companies to drive its mission forward. Potential markets like Spain and Austria are on the horizon after successful inroads in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, and Australia.

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