World’s First Batch of Carbon-Free Aluminium Produced with Green Hydrogen

Hydro, a leading aluminium producer, has achieved a major milestone by successfully producing the world’s first batch of carbon-free aluminium using green hydrogen as an energy source. This breakthrough test, conducted at Hydro’s extrusion plant in Navarra, Spain, signifies a significant step towards decarbonizing the aluminium industry.

During the test, carbon-free green hydrogen replaced natural gas as the fuel for aluminium recycling. Hydro’s commitment to decarbonization is underscored by their ability to produce carbon-free aluminium from post-consumer scrap, eliminating carbon emissions from the energy source.

The test was a collaborative effort between Hydro Havrand, Hydro’s green hydrogen company, and Fives, an industrial engineering group specializing in hydrogen burner technology. Fives played a key role in designing and supplying the necessary components and controls for safe and effective operation.

The utilization of green hydrogen presents immense potential for addressing hard-to-abate emissions in industries such as aluminium production. By replacing fossil fuels for high-temperature heating processes, green hydrogen offers a sustainable alternative. This successful industrial-scale test in Navarra establishes a solid foundation for implementing hydrogen as a clean energy source in aluminium production globally.

Insights gained from this test will help refine fuel switch solutions and optimize the aluminium melting process. Hydro and Fives are diligently analyzing the results, with a comprehensive report expected in the fall. The findings will contribute to advancing the use of green hydrogen in various high-temperature processes across industries like glass and cement.

Hydro Havrand aims to further develop its capabilities in fuel switch technology, with the goal of becoming a leading provider of industrial fuel switch solutions using green hydrogen.

The production of carbon-free aluminium using green hydrogen is a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future. Hydro’s commitment to leveraging sustainable energy sources and reducing environmental impact sets a remarkable precedent for the industry. As the world embraces carbon neutrality, innovations like these will play a vital role in shaping a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

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