Iberdrola Pioneers Spain’s First Hybrid Wind-Solar Plant

iberdrola hybrid wind

In another step towards a greener energy future in Spain and Europe, Iberdrola has successfully completed the construction of Spain’s inaugural hybrid wind-solar plant. This groundbreaking project reinforces Iberdrola’s innovative leadership and also marks a substantial investment in the country’s renewable energy sector.

Located in the picturesque area of Revilla Vallejera, Iberdrola’s latest project combines the forces of solar and wind energy. This state-of-the-art 74-megawatt (MW) photovoltaic installation boasts an impressive 120,000 photovoltaic modules. And the project also reflects Iberdrola’s unwavering commitment to harnessing clean and renewable energy sources to drive a sustainable future.

Iberdrola’s commitment to pioneering clean energy solutions is evident in its substantial investment of over €40 million in this project. By integrating wind and solar energy at a single site, the company is laying the groundwork for further advancements of this project category and Spain‘s entire renewable energy sector.


A key objective of this project is to optimize energy grid usage while minimizing the environmental footprint of energy projects. The seamless integration of wind and solar technologies by Iberdrola aims to maximize green energy output and reduce reliance on fluctuating environmental conditions. Hybrid generation plants, such as this one, share infrastructure and grid connections, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable energy solution.

What sets this project apart is its strong local component, which has supported the region’s economy and generated employment opportunities. A dedicated team of 360 professionals was involved in the development, highlighting the project’s positive impact on local communities.

Iberdrola recognizes renewable energy as a catalyst for rural development. By promoting clean energy initiatives in rural areas, the company aims to bolster local economies and ensure a sustainable future for villages, particularly in regions like Castile and Leon.

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