Chinese Manufacturer CSSC Reclaims Global Record for World’s Largest Wind Turbine

China wind turbine

The chinese company CSSC Haizhuang took the lead again in manufacturing the world biggest wind turbine as it unveiled its H260-18MW offshore wind turbine. The H260 sets a new global record for the largest energy output and the largest rotor diameter which spans 260 meters.

CSSC developed the turbine from the ground up and the result marks a significant milestone for the global offshore wind power industry. The development pushes the boundaries of key material components and offshore wind turbines as a whole. The turbine is expected to significantly contribute to China’s energy transition and it’s net zero target currently set to 2060.

Wind energy has played a primary role in China’s energy development since 2012, and the country has achieved significant progress in it’s energy transition. China accounts for the world’s largest wind installation capacity by country for 12 consecutive years. And In 2021, it was named the world’s largest offshore wind market by installed capacity. Offshore wind power has become one of China’s most important renewable energy sources and is expected to play a vital role in China’s renewable energy strategy.

Large-scale and high-reliability wind turbines like the H260 or Vestas V236 are considered an inevitable requirement for the scale-up development of wind power and cost reduction. In recent years, global turbine makers like Vestas, Siemens Gamesa and CSSC focused on the development of greater power offshore wind turbines and were able to manufacture turbines with an energy output capacity above 15MW. The H260 is a new milestone for offshore wind turbine and the ability to capture renewable energy capacity in deep-sea areas and at high-speed wind.

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