25 new Emission-Free Alstom Trains will Strengthen Oslo’s Public Transport


Alstom, the global leader in electric trains and sustainable mobility, has announced a new contract worth more than €230 million to supply 25 additional Coradia Nordic regional trains to Norske tog in Norway. This marks the second order within Alstom’s €1.8 billion framework agreement with Norske tog. The trains will operate as a commuter and fast rail service in the greater Oslo region, helping to improve transport services throughout the busy region.

The Coradia Nordic trains for the operator Norske Tog have been specially adapted to meet the needs of the Norwegian rail network and are fully suitable for Norwegian weather conditions. The new trains have a top speed of 200 km/h to ensure a swift and comfortable commute in a spacious and relaxing environment. Each train will consist of six single-deck coaches. The trains will be equipped with Alstom’s digital ERTMS, a European standard onboard signalling system which provides trains with continuous safe movements and overspeed protection.

The new Coradia Nordic regional trains from Alstom will increase capacity on the busiest lines in the Oslo area and strengthen the emission-free public transport around the capital. Passengers will get a faster, more comfortable, and more reliable commute. The Coradia Nordic is a state-of-the-art, low-floor, high-performance electric multiple unit. The platform offers emission-free solutions such as battery or hydrogen for non-electrified lines.

The addition of the new Coradia Nordic regional trains will help to improve capacity and services for passengers in the Oslo area, while also contributing to emission-free public transport. With a focus on sustainability, Alstom is providing a state-of-the-art solution that considers the entire lifecycle of the product, from initial design to end of life, thus maximizing the value of Norske Tog’s train fleet.

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