German Government Paves the Way for Northvolt’s New Gigafactory

The German Federal government is backing the development and construction of a Gigafactory in it’s northern state Schleswig-Holstein. This support aims to boost key technologies and their production, particularly battery cells, in Germany amid growing global competition. Pending approval from the European Commission, this backing will unlock a multi-billion Euro private investment by Northvolt, the Swedish enterprise, and create around 3000 direct jobs in the city of Heide, along with additional employment opportunities in the surrounding industries and service sectors. The factory’s annual production volume is projected to reach 60 GWh, supplying high-quality battery cells made in Germany to approximately one million electric vehicles.

The gigafactory state funding requires approval from the EU Commission, and constructive discussions are already underway between the German Government and the Commission. Germany’s economic Minister Robert Habeck expresses optimism regarding the Northvolt project, considering it a significant endeavor in the energy and transport transition that will generate thousands of green tech jobs. The successful dialogue between Northvolt, relevant stakeholders, and the German government have played a pivotal role in advancing the project. Steps are currently being taken, including the necessary notification process with the European Commission, to progress toward the realization of the Gigafactory.

Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister President Daniel Günter welcomes Northvolt’s decision to choose Heide as the location for its gigafactory. He highlights the collaborative efforts between the region, state, and federal government that have attracted the company and acknowledges the instrumental support provided by Robert Habeck at the federal level. Günter envisions the project as a model for utilizing renewable resources to drive economic growth and decarbonize the local economy.

Peter Carlsson, Founder & CEO of Northvolt, expresses gratitude for the support from the German Federal government, the state government of Schleswig-Holstein, the EU Commission, and local stakeholders. Encouraged by the commitment shown by the federal government, Northvolt is ready to proceed with the next stages of expansion in Heide.

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