Green City Solutions: A Berlin startup bringing clean air to Cities around the World


Green City Solutions is an ambitious green tech company based in Berlin that aims to bring clean and fresh air to urban spaces. Founded in 2014 by a team of experts with diverse backgrounds in fields such as horticulture, biology, computer science, architecture, and mechanical engineering, the company has a clear vision: to provide 500 million people with clean and fresh air by 2030.

Their flagship product is the CityTree, a unique combination of nature and Internet of Things (IoT) technology that aims to improve air quality and mitigate the negative effects of urbanization. The CityTree is the world’s first biotech fine dust filter for urban spaces. It is a modular, vertical green wall that incorporates living plants and mosses, as well as sensors and other IoT technologies, to monitor and optimize its performance. The CityTree brings the forest into the city, using the natural filtering power of mosses to clean the air. Independent studies have shown that the CityTree can filter up to 82% of fine dust in the air, and it can also cool the surrounding air by up to 2.5°C thanks to its automated irrigation and ventilation system.

The CityTree is designed to be self-sustaining and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective and sustainable solution for improving the urban environment. With its combination of nature and technology, the CityTree is an innovative solution to the challenges of urbanization and a promising example of how we can use biotech to create a more sustainable and livable future.

How the CityTree works. ©GreenCitySolutions

Air pollution in cities is a major problem that affects the health and quality of life of millions of people worldwide. Urbanization has led to the growth of megacities with high population densities, which in turn has resulted in increased levels of air pollution, traffic congestion, and other environmental problems. Green City Solutions on a mission to address these challenges through their innovative, eco-friendly technologies.

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