How White Arkitekter is Using Wood to Achieve Climate Positive Buildings

Sara Kulturhus
Sara Kulturhus in Skellefteå © White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter, a leading architecture firm, is committed to reducing its climate impact and has set a goal for all of its buildings to be climate positive by 2030. To achieve this, the company has increased its investment in research and development of timber construction, the only renewable and carbon-neutral building material currently available.

When designing with wood, White Arkitekter starts with the material’s properties and lets the living material guide the design. By working with meticulous detailing, the company creates buildings that are appreciated and last for a long time, making them truly sustainable. The company also prioritizes awareness of sustainable forestry and knowledge of the type of wood used, as well as maximizing the capacity of the material to minimize resource use and ensure sustainable construction at all stages.

Wood has many design qualities and a scale that allows people to experience it differently depending on their distance. It is a living material that speaks to all the senses and has been shown to have a positive psychological and cognitive effect on people when exposed to it in the built environment.

Kärven Observation Tower in Varberg. © White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter invests in collaborative research with both academic and industrial partners to continuously develop its knowledge and expertise in wood construction. The company’s “Wood” focus area is a creative cluster of architects and engineers who work on wood projects in their everyday lives, allowing their expertise to constantly evolve. By using real projects as case studies, the company is able to test the environmental properties of wood, evaluate timber construction techniques, and review design strategies and processes.

Sustainability is a driving force for White Arkitekter, and the company believes that architecture can play a crucial role in bringing about positive change in the face of global sustainability challenges such as climate change, diminishing resources, and increasing inequality. The company strives to create buildings with people at the center, and is working to lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

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