Pina Earth’s Platform makes it easier for Forest Owners to access Carbon Markets

Pina earth

Pina Earth, a Munich-based climate tech start-up, is developing an online platform that helps forest owners create and certify carbon storage projects. The platform, which was launched in 2021, offers a suite of digital data collection, monitoring, and certification services that simplifies the process of setting up a forest carbon project.

Traditionally, the process of setting up a forest carbon project has involved high costs, long lead times, and the need for expert guidance. These outdated processes can create a lack of transparency and block market access, particularly for smaller forest owners. Pina Earth’s platform aims to overcome these barriers by making it easier for forest owners to participate in carbon markets, which can help align ecology and economy.

pina earth

The company plans to scale its services EU-wide, starting with pilot projects in Germany. Over 60% of EU forest biomass is at risk due to climate change, making initiatives like Pina Earth’s all the more important.

Pina Earth was accepted into the highly competitive Y Combinator earlier this year and has already received pre-seed funding from the Silicon Valley investor. This latest funding round was led by XAnge, with participation from Nordstar, Climate Capital, Gustaf Alstromer (Partner at Y Combinator), and Lea-Sophie Cramer (founder of Amorelie). The company has raised $2.5 million in seed funding, which will be used to hire key personnel and develop its product further.

“The support of this group of top-tier investors is a tribute to the speed at which we have made progress since founding just a year ago,” said Pina Earth Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Gesa Biermann. “All of this is possible because we have a team of A-players working together on an urgent mission: making Europe’s forests future-proof.”

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