Scholz stresses urgency of energy transition: “We need three to four new wind turbines per day”

Olaf Scholz

In an interview with German newspaper taz, German Chancellor Scholz emphasized the need for more action in achieving the country’s energy transition and climate protection goals.

Scholz, who once protested against nuclear power as a young man, highlighted the importance of expanding renewable energy and the government’s plan for a complete exit from coal use. The Chancellor stated that “the goal must be to soon set up three to four large wind power plants in Germany every day.

In response to protests against the excavation of coal in Lützerath, Scholz stated that the government’s actions are aimed at achieving climate goals while preserving the country’s prosperity, and that protests should focus on the slow pace of approving projects like wind farms. He pointed out that “it takes six years for a wind farm to be approved” and stressed the importance of increasing the speed of the transition to renewable energy.

He also acknowledged that while Germany emitted 761 million tons of CO2 in the past year, the argument that excavating coal in Lützerath would add an additional 280 million tons is not entirely accurate as it does not take into account the impact of Russian aggression on Ukraine and the resulting decrease in German coal imports.

In summary, Scholz emphasized that for Germany to achieve its energy transition and to be able to reach its climate goals, it needs to increase the speed of the transition and to focus on the expansion of renewable energy and completely exit from coal use. He particularly highlighted the goal of setting up three to four large wind power plants every day as a crucial step in achieving this.

Here the interview in German: “„Ich bin gerne Auto gefahren“ (TAZ, 12.01.2023)

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