Siemens Gamesa Supplies 132 Recyclable Turbine Blades to new RWE Windfarm

Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa has reached another important milestone in the wind energy industry by being selected by RWE to supply 132 RecyclableBlades for 44 Gamesa offshore wind turbines. The blades will be installed at the Sofia offshore wind power project off the east coast of the UK. This marks the first deployment of the 108-meter-long B108 RecyclableBlades, a larger variant of the 81-meter-long RecyclableBlades used at the Kaskasi offshore wind power project in Germany.

Siemens Gamesa’s RecyclableBlade technology enables the full reclamation of the blade’s components at the end of the product’s lifespan, including fiberglass, and wood. This is done by separating the materials using a mild acid solution, thereby contributing to the circularity of resources and the overall sustainability of the wind energy sector.

Siemens Gamesa turbine blades are being transported to an Offshore Windfarm

The blades will be manufactured at Siemens Gamesa’s factory in Hull, UK, which also built the first RecyclableBlades for the Kaskasi project. The successful collaboration between Siemens Gamesa and RWE continues following the usage of RecyclableBlades at the Kaskasi project in Germany.

“Having the opportunity to produce and install 132 RecyclableBlades for the Sofia project is a remarkable achievement. It fully demonstrates the joint focus between our companies to develop and deliver even greater levels of sustainability for renewable power generation globally,” said Marc Becker, CEO of Siemens Gamesa’s offshore business.

Siemens Gamesa’s RecyclableBlade technology has won several awards and is recognized as an industry-leading solution for sustainable wind energy. The collaboration between Siemens Gamesa and RWE on the Sofia project highlights the companies’ commitment to the circularity of resources and sustainable renewable power generation globally.

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