TESVOLT to Build New Battery Storage Gigafactory in Germany

Visualisation of the planned Gigafactory in Germany (Source: TESVOLT)

TESVOLT, a leading technology firm specializing in energy storage for commercial and industrial sectors, has announced plans to invest around €60 million in building a new Gigafactory at its headquarters in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany. The new facility will include a highly automated production building for battery storage systems and a research and development center, and is set to become one of Europe’s largest facilities for commercial stationary battery storage systems. Construction is set to begin in spring 2023, with the aim of completing the project in 2024.

The new facility is expected to increase TESVOLT’s current production capacity tenfold and create over 400 new jobs in research and development, logistics, and project planning. With a planned production capacity of up to four gigawatt hours per year, the carbon-neutral facility will be capable of producing up to 80,000 storage systems annually. The facility’s renewable energy sources, including small wind turbines, photovoltaic installations, and heat recovery systems, will ensure that the production process is entirely carbon-neutral.

TESVOLT’s new Gigafactory is part of the company’s commitment to bringing affordable, clean energy to every corner of the world. CEO and co-founder Daniel Hannemann says that the new facility will contribute to an increase in international independence for the European energy transition, as well as reinforcing Germany‘s leading role in the energy transition.

Dr Reiner Haseloff, the Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, welcomed TESVOLT’s investment in the region, saying that the company’s expansion and consolidation of activities would set a landmark in Saxony-Anhalt that cannot be overlooked by the German and international markets.

The new factory will feature a fully automated high-bay racking system, as well as a new production line using robots to ensure highly efficient, flexible, and scalable production of battery modules. The site will also feature a research and development building, a visitor center with showroom, a training area for installers, and two lecture halls with a video studio. The glass footbridge connecting the R&D building with the factory will enable close communication between teams, fostering a collaborative and agile working environment.

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