Enpal CEO Mario Kohle is on a mission to supply one billion people with green energy

Enpal Founder Mario Kohle

Mario Kohle is the founder and CEO of Enpal, a company that offers solar panel installations for households in Germany. Kohle founded Enpal after noticing that the cost of electricity in Germany was rising while the technology for solar panels was becoming cheaper.

The company’s goal is to make solar panel installations accessible to all homeowners in Germany and potentially other markets in the future. Enpal offers solar panel installations for a monthly rental fee starting at 114 euros, which includes maintenance and insurance. According to Kohle, many of Enpal’s customers pay less for their solar panel installations than they would for traditional electricity.

In the five years since its founding, Enpal has installed solar panels on the roofs of more than 27,000 homes in Germany.

Kohle once said, “Perhaps we are at a decisive point in our history: Do we want to continue giving our money to the big utility companies, instead of making ourselves independent from dirty energy? Do we want to continue watching the destruction of our planet? With Enpal, we make all homeowners producers of green and affordable energy.”

Mario Kohle’s Enpal just received more funding in the end of 2022 to make this mission come true. Enpal recently announced that it has secured an additional €855 million in a debt funding, which makes the raise the largest residential solar investment in entire Europe up to this date.

If you are passionate about renewable energy and want to join Mario Kohle on his mission to supply one billion people with green energy, you can consider applying for a job at Enpal (Enpal career page). As the company continues to grow and expand, there are likely to be a variety of job opportunities available in various departments such as sales, marketing, engineering, and more. By joining the Enpal team, you have the opportunity to work on the company’s goal of making green energy accessible to all.

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