Ørsted and Vestas Join Forces for Net-Zero Wind Farms

Vestas Orsted

Ørsted and Vestas have agreed on a pioneering partnership, setting a new standard for net-zero wind farms. The collaboration will see Ørsted leverage low-carbon steel wind turbine towers and recycled-material blades from Vestas for all joint offshore wind projects. This strategic move aims to address sustainability challenges in the wind industry while accelerating the transition to a greener energy landscape.

Offshore wind plays a crucial role in enhancing energy security, affordability, and combating climate change. While wind energy already boasts a 99% lower carbon footprint than coal, Ørsted and Vestas recognize the need to minimize carbon emissions associated with materials and components used in wind farms.


To tackle these challenges head-on, the partnership commits to integrating low-carbon steel towers and blades made from recycled materials into all future joint offshore wind projects. By adopting sustainable procurement practices, Ørsted creates a continuous demand for Vestas’ innovative low-carbon and circular solutions, fostering the path to net-zero wind farms.

Mads Nipper, Group President and CEO of Ørsted, emphasizes the urgency of addressing climate change through collaboration. He urges decision-makers worldwide to support the demand for low-carbon and circular solutions, driving the renewable energy industry towards a sustainable future.

Henrik Andersen, CEO of Vestas, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the necessity of strong partnerships to expedite the energy transition. He expresses excitement over the collaboration, which will facilitate the rapid deployment of Vestas’ circular blade recycling technology, addressing a significant circularity challenge in the industry.

The Ørsted-Vestas partnership marks another pivotal moment in the very strong renewable energy sector in Denmark, demonstrating the importance of sustainability in driving the industry forward. By integrating innovative solutions, the companies aim to leave a lasting impact on the environment and create a more sustainable future for Europe and the entire planet.

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