Enpal Achieves 277% Growth, Reaches €415 Million Revenue in the last Year

Enpal, a leading force in Germany‘s energy transition and the market leader for rooftop PV systems, has reported exceptional growth and financial success for the year 2022. The company’s revenue soared by an impressive 277%, totaling €415 million. Enpal, founded by Mario Kohle, also achieved profitability, with an operating EBITDA of €23 million. These remarkable results highlight Enpal’s commitment to renewable energy solutions and their significant impact in the industry.

Enpal’s sales nearly quadrupled from €110 million in 2021 to €415 million in 2022. This outstanding growth demonstrates Enpal’s ability to provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions to meet customer needs effectively. The company installed around 18,000 new systems in 2022, with over 95% of customers opting for the complete package, including a battery storage system alongside the solar power system. Additionally, two-thirds of customers integrated e-mobility into their homes by purchasing Enpal’s connected electric car-charging stations.

In April 2022, Enpal introduced charging stations for electric cars, enabling customers to utilize their own solar power for convenient and eco-friendly charging. The charging stations are intelligently connected to the photovoltaic system, ensuring optimal use of excess solar power. Enpal‘s user-friendly app and software, guided by the vision of founder Mario Kohle, allow customers to control charging settings, including solar-optimized charging modes, while providing real-time energy consumption monitoring.

Enpal Founder Mario Kohle

Enpal’s success in Germany reflects the growing demand for renewable energy solutions and the company’s commitment to driving the energy transition. By offering a comprehensive package that includes solar power systems, battery storage, and electric car-charging stations, Enpal empowers customers to become more independent from fossil fuels. In addition Enpal and it’s customers are making a positive impact on the fight against the climate crisis.

Enpal’s impressive growth in 2022, with a 277% increase in revenue, reaching €415 million, highlights their leadership in the renewable energy sector. Their dedication, led by founder Mario Kohle, to providing innovative and sustainable solutions ensures a greener future for both customers and the planet.

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